Folklore festivals

Folklore festivals respresent traditional and cultural celebrations through folk arts, folk dance and folk music. Folklore festivals are usualy multi-genre events that include the best of traditional and cultural inheritance of one nation, city or ethnic group. There is a claim by some people that the first folklore festival was organized 1928. in North Carolina, known by the name of Mountain Dance and Folk Festival Asheville.

Folk festivals, most often, may be organized around folk art and folk music, but they can as well include folk dance or food. Folklore festival participants can represent specific region, culture or country.

Moonlight Events organizes:

  • Folklore festivals in Greece
  • Folklore festivals in Italy
  • Folklore festivals in France
  • Folklore festivals in Spain
  • Folklore festivals in Turkey
  • Folklore festivals in Hungary
  • Folklore festivals in Serbia
  • Folklore festivals in Poland
  • Folklore festivals in Check Republic

Different genres of folk music attract big audience, making folklore festivals very interesting and remembered. If you are interested to participate or to be a part of great audience on any of folklore festivals, feel free to contact us or fill online aplication for folklore festivals.