Folklore festivals

Folklore festivals respresent traditional and cultural celebrations through folk arts, folk dance and folk music. Folklore festivals are usualy multi-genre events that include the best of traditional and cultural inheritance of one nation, city or ethnic group. There is a claim by some people that the first folklore festival was organized 1928. in North Carolina, known by the name of Mountain Dance and Folk Festival Asheville.

Folk festivals, most often, may be organized around folk art and folk music, but they can as well include folk dance or food. Folklore festival participants can represent specific region, culture or country.

Moonlight Events organizes:

Different genres of folk music attract big audience, making folklore festivals very interesting and remembered. If you are interested to participate or to be a part of great audience on any of folklore festivals, feel free to contact us or fill online aplication for folklore festivals.

Moonlight Events organization organize folklore festivals, choir festivals and modern dance festivals all over the world. Our folk dance festivals are traditionally held every year in Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Turkey, Slovakia, Serbia… Folk dance events organized by Moonlight Events Organization are the most interesting dance festivals in Europe. We prepared 6 folklore festivals for the summer of the year 2022.

There are folklore festivals in Italy, folklore festivals in Spain, folklore festivals in Greece, folklore festivals in Czech Republic, folklore festivals in Serbia… If you are looking for the best folklore festivals in the Europe, you are at the right place! We are focused on folk music, ethno music, traditional dances and maintaining folklore tradition and culture.

Furthermore we also organize the festivals for the choirs and for the modern dance groups as ballroom dance groups, ballet, hip-hop, latino dances and all other kinds of modern dance genres.

International folklore festival 2022 “Moonlight in Barcelona” will be held from 01-06.07.2022. In Barcelona, Spain. This is the best festival in Barcelona, the best festival in Catalonia and definitely the best folklore festival in Spain. Thousands of participants are coming from all over the world to experience this the best of the bests folklore festivals in Spain. Folklore dance ensembles, choirs, modern dance groups, traditional dance groups…

In past 7 years many folklore groups applied for this festival: folklore dance groups from Bulgaria, folklore dance groups from Mexico, folklore dance groups from France, folklore dance groups from Italy, folklore dance groups from Armenia, folklore dance groups from Sweden, folklore dance groups from Canada, folklore dance groups from Hungary, folklore dance groups from Malaysia, folklore dance groups from all over Asia, USA, Canada, Europe, folklore dance groups from all over the world.

International folklore festival 2022 “Moonlight in Prague” will be held from 08-11.07.2022. In Prague, Czech Republic. This folklore festival is the best folklore festival in Prague and the best folklore festival in Czech Republic. Many folklore dance groups are applying every year for this spectacular folklore festival in Prague.

International folklore festival 2022 “Moonlight in Thessaloniki” will be held from 15-20.07.2022. in Thessaloniki, Greece. This festival is traditionally famous folklore festival, the best folklore festival in Thessaloniki, the best folklore festival in Greece. Not only traditional Greek folklore dance groups, but choirs, and modern dance groups from all over the world are welcome to apply and join this festival.

International folklore festival 2022 “Moonlight in Belgrade” will be held from 28-31.07.2022. In Belgrade, Serbia. This international folklore festival will be held in the hearth of Balkan countries. This folk vibe and ethno move will gather participants are folklore lovers from all over the world. This folk dance event is the best folklore festival, the best folk event in Belgrade, and number one folklore event in Serbia.

International folklore festival 2022 “Moonlight in Rimini” will be held from 05-10.08.2022. In Rimini, Italy. This Rimini folklore festival is definitely the best folklore festival In Rimini for already so many years and the best folklore festival in Italy. Every year many folk dance and ethno groups from all over the world are visiting this beautiful folklore festival: folk dance groups from Turkey, folk dance groups from Bulgaria, folk dance groups from South America, folk dance groups from Argentina, folk dance groups from Brazil, folk dance groups from Chile, folk dance groups from Mexico, folk dance groups from Canada, folk dance groups from Asia and many groups from Europe.

International folklore festival Rimini 2022 will be spectacular for ethno culture and tradition.

International folklore festival 2022 “Moonlight in Rome” will be held from 12-15.08.2022. in Rome, Italy. This folklore festival is the best folklore festival in Rome and one of the best festivals in Italy.

Whether you want to have the best experience and you are looking for folklore festivals in Hungary, folklore festivals in Germany, folklore festivals in Bulgaria, folklore festivals in Croatia, folklore festivals in Portugal, folklore festivals in Turkey, folklore festivals in Poland or folklore festivals in Europe in general, Moonlight Events Organization always have perfect solution for you and knows what suits you the best. These are very popular folklore festivals worldwide.

If you want to meet folklore festivals participants from all over the world, gain more experience on the stage, meet new friends from the world of folklore, travel with folklore groups, have an amazing folklore experience, win authentic awards, you are at the perfect place with our international folklore festivals organization!

Travel with friends, visit the best, exotic destinations, compete with other ensembles from all over the world on our folklore festivals in the Europe, visit the places where are held best folklore festivals in the world, enjoy at the beaches of stunning Spain and Italy, see unique architecture of beautiful cities like Rome, Paris and Prague, and at the return home bring back the best folk festival experience ever!