About us

MOONLIGHT EVENTS ORGANIZATION organizes festivals around the world, in collaboration with municipalities, and local city associations, where we have been hosting our festivals for many years.

The main goal of the festival is to discover the talents in the field of dance, to support their creativity and to promote choreographies in different artistic forms and ways of performing. The festival is held to encourage academic, professional and cultural exchange between choreographic groups.

Festivals also aim to:

-Discover new names and talents in choreographic art - create a positive atmosphere and environment for communication at a professional level - exchange repertoire and experience between festival participants.

Festivals exist to strengthen young people's understanding of other cultures, to develop a tolerant attitude of young people towards cultural differences, to gain respect for ethnic characteristics and unique forms of artistic realization. The festival organizers are here to establish business contacts with festival participants (travel schedule and participation in foreign festivals), to foster the spirit of voluntary participation in the festival, to strengthen international contacts with countries across Europe and the world, to continue cultural exchange and to create conditions for the realization and holding of the festival.

Participants: Choreographic groups from around the world (minimum 5 participants and maximum not limited). Dance groups of different styles, trends and from different choreographic schools, including professional and amateur choreographic groups (without restrictions on the maximum number of dancers), singing groups, soloists, music groups and choreographic groups of different ages (no age limit).

Talking about folklore and folklore festivals, we talk about the people of the world, the history, traditions, thousand and thousand of years of culture of so many different nations that live on this planet.. Different from country to country but united in one wish, to preserve their own culture of folklore and present it worldwide in the best light in front of other countries, so, the best way to do it is the participation / competition on the International folklore festivals that we organize across the world...

Our organization have a long tradition of organizing of International Folklore, Choir and Modern dance festivals in all European countries and wider, for 4 years consecutive we are the organizers of the biggest and most visited international folklore festival in Barcelona, traditionally held every year in the beginning of July,

In the city of Rimini, world`s most visited summer touristic destination, we are the only one foreign organization that have the regular license and support of touristic and cultural association that can held the annual, traditional, international folklore festival in the heart of the city of Rimini,

We are particularly proud on our tradition of folklore festivals in the city of Thessaloniki, where we were the first in absolute foreign organization that created and held the international folklore festival, and so many other events across the Europe like folklore festival in Prague “Moonlight in Prague”, folklore festival in Rome “Moonlight in Rome”, folklore festival in Paris “Moonlight in Paris” and other of our events that you can find in the section International folklore festivals in Europe.

Every year, trough different months of the year we held our international folklore festivals, choir and modern dance events in the different locations of the world, connecting the people, sharing the friendship, creating the spectacles which gathers the thousands of visitors, because the folklore is one of the most beautiful arts in the world.

We do not put any limits on the age of participants, on our folklore festivals participate the children, adults and veterans of folk dances, and all of them get one particular place in the pages of Moonlight Events Organization, in the cities they visited and in the history of folkloric culture that will last forever.

We do not put neither any limits on the number of participants, everyone who choose this lifestyle, should have the occasion to show their skill in front of the audience that respect their hard work.

For more details regarding the international folklore festivals that we organize, visit our multimedia gallery containing photos from different folklore festivals, and write us the email, we are at your disposition for any question you might have for us about folklore festivals in Europe,

Faithfully yours,

Moonlight Events Organization team