Moonlight in Rimini 2019

International folklore festival “Moonlight in Rimini”, 01-06.08.2019.International folklore festival “Moonlight in Rimini”, 01-06.08.2019.

Was held in the city of Rimini,Italy, with the cooperation of the municipality of Rimini.

On the festival participated numerous folk dance groups, choirs and traditional music orchestras, which showed their art and skill in front of the numerous audience.

International folklore festival "Moonlight in Rimini " is one of a kind in the world of folklore festivals, held once per year, traditionally, in the city of Rimini. Very professional approach of the organization is visible on this event, where all the details in the festival organization is well studied and prepared, so we proudly say that our organization is the holder of the title of “the biggest international folklore festival in Italy”. Every year the thousands of participants participate on the festival in Rimini.

On this international folk dance and song event, for year 2019. participated the groups from: Romania, Georgia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia, Moldavia and Italy.